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Constructing that Dream Deck? Patio? Garage? Pathway? -- Avoid Construction Chaos!

Spring is here! Summer is near!

Like most people – especially those who made it through another Michigan winter – you are looking forward to spending time outdoors, soaking up the sun, floating around the pool, and enjoying your new deck or patio.

Before you contract for that project (dream deck, garage, patio, pathway, etc.), here a few things to consider before entering into an agreement with your selected contractor -- these things may help you avoid construction chaos:

Know your builder - there are a lot of resources available for researching the builder you choose (or even finding a reputable builder), consider:

  • Is the builder licensed?

  • Has the builder been sued?

  • Does the builder have a good reputation?

Timing - you want that project done as soon as possible, so consider:

  • Will your builder be able to complete the project on time?

  • Will your builder's schedule interfere with the timing for completion of your project?

  • Does your builder expect delays? If so, how long? Why?

  • What happens if your builder isn't completing the project on time?

Pricing - are you getting the best price for your project, consider:

  • How does your builder's pricing compare to other builders' pricing? How is the cost of the project determined?

  • What are the payment terms? Progress payments? How determined?

  • Will your payments be segregated properly and not used for other people's projects?

Dispute resolution - if a dispute arises, consider:

  • How will it be resolved?

  • How quickly will it be resolved?

  • Where will it be resolved?

  • What happens to your project?

In short, it is important that the contract governing your project reflects your expectations with the builder and works to ensure that your dream build is completed on the

terms you anticipate and that you are protected and do what you can to avoid construction chaos!

To learn more about this topic, or other legal issues, please contact Anissa C. Hudy, 248.417.9154 or email at (website -

Anissa Hudy focuses her practice on general business, real estate and commercial contracting and litigation.

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